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CityStash Storage Internship/Fundraiser Description

This project can be structured either as an internship (for an individual or small group) or as a fundraiser for an organization.  The goal is to help us market our services on campus.

There are two levels of participation.
·      Level 1: Simply send out a few emails to your own organization.  For every one of your members that signs up, we’ll pay you or your organization $20.
·      Level 2: You will actively work on campus to sign up customers.  For every customer that you help sign up, we will pay you or your organization $20.  So, if you sign up 100 customers (an achievable number on a large campus), you earn $2,000.

CityStash Storage is a startup that is disrupting the $25B self-storage industry in the same way that AirBNB, Zipcar, and Uber are disrupting their own industries:  cloud applications, great digital/social/offline marketing, and a new business model.  We deliver custom plastic containers to our customers, who fill them on their own schedule.  We then pick up containers, boxes, and furniture for free, and store them in our climate-controlled facility.  We can then deliver any or all items back on demand!  The customer manages everything through their online account.

In the context of this project, we are providing summer storage for the students at your university.  Much more convenient than driving one’s stuff home to the parents’ house!

There are several defined activities that you will execute for this project if you choose Level 2 participation:
·      Place our fliers strategically around campus
·      Use Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to spread the word
·      Staff a “Clipboard Crew”, where a group of 10-12 individuals spreads out on campus (on sunny days!) for a few hours and talk to students about CityStash.
·      Recruit other organizations on campus for a Level 1 fundraiser
·      Help sponsor us to get meetings with the Housing Office and Study Abroad programs (who could help us get the word out)
·      Contact and educate the dorm Resident Advisors (RAs) so they inform their dorm residents about us
·      Generate your own creative ideas to get the word out!

Check us out at, then contact us at if you are interested!


The Global Film Initiative

The Global Film Initiative is a San Francisco-based organization dedicated to supporting the growth of emerging film industries and improving cultural literacy and diplomacy through film. It offers several volunteer internship positions that might be of interest to students. Positions are available for a minimum commitment of 8 to 10 hours per week for 3 months, and can be taken for class/course credit, or as part of institutional professional development and training programs.

Included below is a list of our current internships. Information on internships can also be found on our website. To apply, please submit a resume/CV, cover letter and 1-2 writing samples to Please make sure to indicate the desired position. 


The Film Acquisitions, Granting and Distribution position provides an introduction to film acquisitions for Global Lens and the Initiative’s annual granting cycles and philanthropy.  This position is directly supervised by the Acquisitions and Granting Coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Writing of film reviews and coverage
  • Grant evaluation
  • Film festival research
  • Cataloguing
  • Pitching ideas and writing for institutional blog
  • Participation in acquisitions and granting meetings with Initiative staff


We’re looking for someone with a stellar skill set that can bring our educational mission to the forefront of teachers’ minds, lesson plans, and classrooms. If you demonstrate that you can write, sell, promote and have an interest in the education market, we want you on our team.  This position is directly supervised by the Education & Public Programs Coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in conceptualizing and executing pitches about World Cinema Week and GFI’s educational film offerings
  • Assist in managing the World Cinema Week application process
  • Assist in coordinating GFI’s screening events during World Cinema Week
  • Pitch World Cinema Week to educators and education-allies
  • Create and edit teaching modules and other resources for GFI’s educational films
  • Research potential education partners
  • Research and evaluate impact of World Cinema Week 2013
  • Pitch ideas and write arts, culture and education pieces for newsletter/blog.


Are you excited and passionate about independent world cinema? Are you interested in learning about launching a film series and about what happens behind-the-scenes of a media nonprofit?

The Publicity and Marketing intern position provides an introduction to all aspects of marketing and publicity for nonprofit film distribution, funding and education. Individuals with experience in design, Photoshop and/or blogging are highly encouraged to apply. This position receives direct supervision from the Communications Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Researching new markets and outreach opportunities
  • Using social media, online marketing and e-commerce
  • Observing publicity processes from planning to execution
  • Writing content for institutional blog.
  • Participating in meetings about DVD designs, blog content and other publicity-related issues



Are you excited and passionate about independent world cinema? Are you interested in learning about how blogging is used as a tool for the work of nonprofits?

The Blogging Intern position provides an introduction to blog writing for nonprofit film distribution, funding and education.  Individuals with experience in using WordPress or a similar CMS and writing compelling online copy under strict deadlines are strongly encouraged to apply. This position receives direct supervision from the Communications Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Developing, researching and producing weekly content for our blog
  • Participating in meetings with staff about blog content and design

Marketing Intern for Medical Practice

Peripheral Neuropathy

We are one of a select few clinics NATION WIDE that specialize in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Many people would ask what exactly is that? You would of course, unless you had it!

Peripheral Neuropathy is nerve problems in the arms, hands, legs and feet that cause pain AND / OR numbness.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy? Neuropathy means “disease or abnormality of the nervous system”, which is not a very helpful definition. We think of neuropathy as any damage to the nervous system. Carpal tunnel Syndrome, Herniated Spinal Discs and strokes are all insults to different areas of the nervous system, all with different symptoms. Diabetes is a systematic disease affecting all nerves of the body from the brain, eyes and small nerves of the heart and digestive system, to the nerves in the hands, feet and legs. 

The treatment is fairly new (10 years or so), so they need an intern to help market this procedure. Only three doctors in the Bay Area are able to perform this type of treatment. It affects about 50% of diabetics and is also common among older people in their senior years. Interns can work from home and check in with the supervisor once a week, or plan out a schedule with your supervisor personally. Tasks may include:

  • Help create a power point presentation to educate others about how the treatment works. Will most likely accompany a supervisor as he or she presents the slideshow and/or take control of it on their own.
  • Reach out to convalescence homes/hospitals to raise awareness about the treatment
  • Build relationships with podiatrists and/or medical assistants to market the treatment
  • Build a social media presence

If you are interested, contact Dr. Alexander Khanin at (415) 661-1772 for more information and details.


Hotel Nikko Social Marketing Summer Internship

Location: Downtown SF Hotel Nikko
Summer/Fall 2012

Hotel Nikko San Francisco is seeking a student who is looking for a rewarding marketing intern
project this summer. The Nikko can provide real-life experience and supply sustained business
results back to the intern during the summer, fall and into next year. Hotel Nikko is looking for
assistance making inroads toward monetizing social marketing in the hospitality
arena. Specifically, utilizing YouTube, FaceBook, etc to gain guestroom and restaurant revenues.
We have been tracking/noting what is “out there” about the hotel on Twitter, technorati,
Burrelles Luce, GoogleBlog, and trackur; and then responding if and when appropriate. Our
Facebook page is live (and currently has the greatest number of fans of any Bay Area stand-
alone hotel property), and our YouTube channel is also up. Both of these websites can be
greatly developed and made more robust, and are potential marketing channels to distribute
“friends and family” rates and other offers. Most importantly, we have a scheduled and
regimented response program for our critics, fans and evangelizers of our own guest surveys,
Yelp, ChowHound, TravelPost, and TripAdvisor.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating facebook posts, keeping the fan page fresh, lively and engaging
  • Initiating guest contests, and implementing operational tasks to carry out the contests
  • Appropriately responding to Twitter Tweets, TripAdvisor and yelp reviews
  • Adding facebook tabs (widgets, specials, reservations, etc.)
  • Making the YouTube Channel more complete, with guest video clips

I believe the selected intern will enjoy working with a real budget for their project and have their
campaign immediately implemented. On-going results, feedback and metrics will be shared, to
assist with the student’s resume and portfolio.

To apply or receive more information:
Joseph Curran | marketing director
hotel nikko san francisco


Zaarly Campus CEO Internship

Location: On Campus
Time Commitment: 10-15 Hours per Week
Fall Semester/Quarter 2012

Do you have a special skill or talent and an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your professional development and leadership?

If so, The Zaarly Campus CEO role may be a pretty sweet gig and a great way to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Zaarly created a new initiative aimed at attracting top-tier students to internships, providing students with the great brand name recognition of having one of silicon valleys most innovative startups on their resume.

As a Zaarly Campus CEO (, you’ll gain the unique experience as leader and manager of your own team and campus community of Zaarly users. By being the first to found this community around your school you’ll dictate the direction of this program and what it means for the future of Zaarly on campus. Start a legacy at your school and meanwhile grow your network within the startup community and among the Campus CEO network of +35 schools nation wide.

Zaarly – the mobile commerce platform that allows users to easily buy and sell goods, services, and experiences – was named one of Fast Company’s top 10 most innovative web/Internet companies of 2012.  Zaarly launched on May 18, 2011 and topped $1 million in listings in the first 30 days. In total, more than $21.5 million in requests have been posted on Zaarly ( Currently, Zaarly users are active in 200+ cities across the United States.

Responsibilities include:

  • Recruit, hire and manage team of Zaarly Interns
  • Grow the base of Zaarly users on campus
  • Oversee ZaarlyU Social Media Accounts
  • Plan and execute marketing promotions and events
  • Be responsible for the Zaarly user experience on campus by ensuring completed transactions
  • Document, record and contribute stories for PR outlets
  • Think creatively, take action and hustle hard to help us mold our vision for Zaarly on campus.


  • A self motivator and self starter who works well independently as well as with a team
  • Leadership experience involved and connected with influencers on campus.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Outgoing, helpful and positive
  • Avid user of social media
  • Interested in Entrepreneurship and Start-up
  • Looking for experience in sales, marketing or management
  • Excited to impact the small community around you in a big way


  • This is a competitive internship. Cash incentive, Zaarly Credit and other prizes are given based on performance and community growth.
  • Tune into monthly interactive educational sessions and learn first hand startup knowledge from the Zaarly team.
  • College Credit (if applicable to studies and university requirements)
  • Top 3 Campus CEOs win a trip to San Francisco to visit Zaarly and meet the board of Directors, including Meg Whitman (former CEO of Ebay and CEO of Hewlett-Packard)

Click Here to Apply



Sales & Marketing Intern, is an online group travel site that lets users search, find and book
hotels for group stays and events. Whether you are planning a business meeting, wedding,
event, or organization gathering, we can help.

GroupBookers is looking for a Sales & Marketing intern to assist with growing our user
base and generating excitement about our product!  We are a small team with lots of
energy and are looking for candidates who thrive in a startup environment.  The perfect
candidate is someone who is not afraid to speak up – we want to hear your ideas!

Title: Sales & Marketing Intern
Where: Remotely
Hours: 15 hours/week minimum
Work Schedule: Flexible
Commitment: 12 weeks
Compensation: Unpaid. May lead to a paid position, depending on fit and performance.

Responsibilities :

  • Research prospective users and organizations using the provided resources
  • Learn how to strategically contact prospects, increase user base and generate leads
  • Create program offers and supporting documentation to drive traffic
  • Identify and present partnership opportunities to the Founders
  • Continually offer creative ideas to develop and grow GroupBookers’s user base

Requirements :

  • Experience or interest in the hospitality, events or sales industry
  • Strong customer service focus, superb verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Ability to take initiative and adhere to priorities with minimal direct supervision
  • Experience is a plus, but not required

How to apply:
please send a resume and LinkedIn url (if available) to
Also, in the email subject, write Sales & Marketing Intern Application – Your Name