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Joining the MA is the Smart Thing To Do

Whether you’re studying vigorously to make good grades, working hard at your job striving for a raise or a promotion, negotiating a multibillion dollar merger, or simply tagging your YouTube video to try to get the most views, marketing is at the core of all our lives. We are constantly selling (and trying to improve) something, be it a product or service, an idea, or ourselves. Similarly, we are continously trying to optimize our purchases and receipts (getting the most bang for our buck, as it were). Familiarizing yourself with the science of marketing can put you far ahead of the pack in your professional and personal life. We at the MA are here to not only familiarize you, but to get you in the know. We want to put you on the edge, to give you the advantage that will ultimately help you become successful in your career and life’s endeavors. [divider]

So, How Do I Join?

First of all, it should be noted that being a marketing major, or minor, is¬†not a requirement for membership at the SFSUMA. Furthermore you would not be turned away if you weren’t studying business at all. All are welcome and encouraged to join. A modest $60¬†payment gets you a year membership to the SFSU Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association! Now with that being said…Please label and deposit your payment in our mailbox (located in the student services building room) or at the next MA event. We are in the process of setting up an online payment system in the near future to make life easier for you! [divider]

Code of Ethics

We at the Marketing Association abide by a specific Code of Ethics. The Code is a reminder of how important ethics are in business and in life.

All members must follow these rules to remain in good standing with the MA:


  • The flagship rule of professional ethics: To never intentionally cause harm
  • Adherence to all applicable laws and regulations
  • The accurate representation of my education, training and experience
  • Active support, practice and promotion of the Code of Ethics